Product News

With all the standard features of Tramigo, T23 Series adds GPRS support for cost effective frequent reporting and additional features such as idle and checkpoint alarms...


With a host of improvements including a more responsive TLD Landmarks and map view, BlackBerry users can now enjoy similar user-friendliness like in M1 Move Android....


Managing small fleets on the go has never been easier! Tramigo now adds a user friendly user interface for Android owners to manage all their vehicles from the privacy of an Android phone or tablet!


Advanced M1 Fleet PC software for tracking multiple T22/T23 series trackers in one or more connecting PCs at the same time. Highly suitable for fleet service providers, recovery service providers and very large fleets.


Fully covert fleet tracking & management solution for security concerned vehicle and fleet owners.

Track your car, company trucks, heavy machinery or other land vehicles.

Get instant alerts if your motorcycle or other light vehicle is touched and track via SMS.

Tramigo T22 Series Boat Tracking Device

Track any boat and get SMS alerts if the water levels rise in your boat.

M1 Move is free software for mobile phones allowing easier and more fun ways of keeping track of what you love most -- wherever you are. M1 Move is especially useful for a multi-vehicle family or a small company.

Free PC Software for Fleet Management. Recommended for tracking several T22 tracking devices at the same time from your office.

Spot tracker is a powerful tool for field security organizations and persons who are looking for high-end mobile solutions to greatly improve their daily operations.

An essential tool for fleet recovery service providers as well as individuals attempting to recover their stolen vehicles.

- This M1 Move app is designed to operate on iOS4.0 or above. Requires T22 firmware 1.57 or newer.